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Evaporators/Air Coolers

We offer a wide range of Air-Coolers/Evaporators selections for all type of applications brought to you from world-class brands providers from around the world.


The heart of every refrigeration system brought to you from multi-national providers from around the world with high performance capabilities.


Different valves for different applications that suits your needs.

Condesing Units

Whether you are storing foods, medicine or any other type of goods, reliable condensing unit is a must for your cold room to ensure high level of refrigeration operation that suits your needs.


Ideal way to track, manage and setup refrigeration system and monitor real-time temperature inside your cold storage.

Pipes & Fittings

High quality pipes and fittings means quality operations, that's why the best types of pipes & fittings are brought to you from leading companies around the world.


Purity makes the difference.

alfa laval condenser.png

Variety types and brands of condensers with different footprint to suit any application is the optimum way to maintain a smooth operation. 

Measuring Devices

Monitor your refrigeration system performance using some of the High-tech measuring devices in the market.


The tools that you need for greater performance.

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